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Which Football Wagers Make The Most Money?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just randomly pick a football team to gamble on every week and automatically earn cash? Unfortunately, if you want to earn money gambling on football over the long term and not just get lucky you need a strategy. The first element of your strategy is determining which style of wager you are going to make. In this article, we are going to break down the most profitable football wagers which give you the best shot at winning. If you stick to making these types of wagers you will already be doing better than most football gamblers. Let’s get started!

Place Some Money On Total Goals Scored

With this wager, it doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses as long as they score enough goals you win! You can bet on the goal total for one particular team or for the entire match. Gambling sites set this bet up as an over/under for example 3 goals and if you take the over and 4 goals are scored you win! Sportsbooks often set the odds incorrectly and you are able to quickly identify when they get it wrong by doing a deep dive into the statistics and looking at the two teams’ average goals scored for and against and the average goals scored at the field they are playing on.

Take The Over/Under On Number Of Corners

Did you know you can gamble on the number of corners that will happen in a match? This is not only a fun prop wager but it can offer real value if you do a little research. As this is a small market, sportsbooks don’t always spend a lot of time setting correct odds so you can often find some great deals.

Before making this prop bet you need to study statistics and work out the average number of corners for each team, in previous head to head matches, on the field they are playing at, and then also make sure you consider the time of year they are playing and the weather.

Increase Your Success Percentage With A Draw No Bet

Are you looking for a football wager that nearly always wins and offers little risk? Then you need to try a Draw No Bet! With this wager, you choose a particular team to win and if they happen to draw you have 100% of your stake returned and you don’t lose a cent. This wager is very safe particularly if you know the team you are gambling and have researched their current form. The slight disadvantage of this wager is that the payout is lower than other bets. However, to mediate against the low payout you could simply increase your wager size!

Try One Of These Football Bets

Now you know what the best football wagers are: simply select an upcoming match, browse the gambling markets at your local sportsbook and then place a wager. We recommend you start with a Draw No Bet as they have the most chance of winning!