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Which Type Of Wagers Give You The Best Chance Of Winning?

Golf is a big hit with gamblers due to the variety of different bets you can place. If you look at the golf gambling markets at
specialized platforms, you will be presented with 100s of different available wagers. Some of these bets offer no value while others give you a great chance of winning. To help you only make profitable and high-quality wagers we are going to break down the most profitable types of golf gambles! Check them out below

Are Outright Wagers Worth It?

An outright gamble may be the most simple wager you can place as you are just attempting to predict which player will win the tournament. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer incredible value. Many gamblers have won huge prizes from picking underdogs to win tournaments and taking advantage of odds in excess of 50 to 1! If you want to increase your win percentage make sure you bet on numerous players to win the contest – this will help you reduce some risk.

Should You Make Placing Wagers?

Another amazing golf bet is known as a placing wager. In this situation, you are backing a player to finish in the top 10, 5, or 3. You don’t care if they win as long as they make the cutoff. You can find amazing odds when placing your money and they aren’t nearly as risky as a classic outright bet. We like finding up-and-coming unproven players that have had great success in the amateurs and gambling big on them to make the top 10.

How Do Matchup Bets Work?

If you are a fan of 1V1 contests then matchup wagers are perfect for you! In a matchup, the platform will select two golfers, often based on their ranking or their tee-off time, and then let you bet on a specific athlete to place higher than the other.

Is Round Gambling Profitable?

Skilled golf gamblers are big fans of round gambling. With this style, your goal is to predict either where a golfer will be placed after a particular round or what their score will be. If you research the stats of how particular golfers perform in certain rounds at particular courses you can get a good idea of what score they are likely to shoot. If you notice the platforms have got it wrong, place big money!

Time To Try One Of These Strategies

With so many different types and strategies, you will never ever get bored gambling on golf. However, if you want to win then you need to stick to the tactics we described above as they offer the most value and give you the best chance of outsmarting the sportsbooks! Give them a try at the next PGA tournament!